The Cockrell Family Story

Changing Thousands of Lives

In 2012, Grant, Stephanie and Cade (8 yrs old) Cockrell heard how GPPD was helping to provide clean water for villages that had little or no nearby access to clean water. Their hearts were touched and moved to action. Little by little they began to save money they received at Christmas, birthdays and any other extra funds they were blessed with. 

Not only did the Cockrell’s want to build a clean water well, they also wanted to be there for the dedication of the well. Stephanie has been a part of a group of women in the US that get together on a weekly basis, in large part to help with the sewing micro-businesses that have been started in India. 

There was a need for another woman to go to India on the most recent sewing training trip to India, so after much prayer and working out the details with her family, Stephanie decided that she was going to join the team. 

When Stephanie began to share with others that she was going to India, the excitement began to spread. The Cockerill family had risen well over $1,000 for a clean water well, so she asked her family, friends and church to get involved, and did they ever! Within 2 weeks of her deciding to go on the trip, she had raised almost enough money for 2 clean water wells to be built.

Then on Sunday, March 10th Stephanie was able to go to two small villages in Central Andhra Pradesh to dedicate the clean water wells she had raised the money for. One of the wells was dedicated in memory of her baby nephew who passed away soon after he was born.  

Thank you to Grant, Stephanie, and Cade Cockrell, Families of Faith Sunday School Class, other members of Bonsack Baptist Church in Roanoke, VA, the Glenn Family, Virginia Hale, and a homeschool group for giving the gift of clean water and showing God's love in this tangible way. 

It is amazing what can take place when just one person responds by saying, "Yes, I will make a difference in the life of someone in need". Not only were people on the other side of the world helped as a result of Stephanie’s love, but her example impacted many others in the U.S. to say, “Yes” as well.

Visit this LINK to learn more about ideas on how you could help bring water to thousands!