Amber's Story

Showing & Sharing God's Love in Haiti

GPPD Associate, Amber Hasson returned to Haiti in February for a second stay to assist fellow friend, Mallery Neptune and her team in running a Guesthouse.  Taking on the role of Guesthouse Manager, Amber assists American groups serving in Haiti.  Amber manages the group's experience by facilitating daily meetings and leading community projects.  These projects include things like: painting a school medical clinic, delivering full bed-sets to Haitians living in a tent city, instructing an arts and crafts class at a local school, and assisting with orphanage feeding programs.

Amber was also involved in the “Peanut Butter 500,” where an American group made 500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and then distributed them to students and community members.  Amber is expected to stay in Haiti until the end of March to support, encourage, and aid Mallery's team.

During Amber’s first trip to Haiti she partnered with a Children's School and Home.  Amber was able to share God’s love to the people of Haiti by working in many different ministries.  She was involved in the Little Angels Nutrition Program which distributes vitamins and nutritious peanut butter balls to poverty stricken infants and toddlers throughout the ravine.  (The ravine is a dry river or creek bed where a large underprivileged community resides in tents and tin housing.)  The nutrition program afforded Amber the opportunity to build relationships in the community, specifically in the ravine.  During her daily distribution she was able to encourage the local people and share God’s love with them. 

Although Amber was active in the community, she spent most of her time with the youth residing at the Children’s Home.  At the Home, Amber said she was able to “love on them (the children) and teach them the truth of God's Word.”  Amber was also involved in the School, helping teach students Biology and Consumer Math. 

GPPD teams traveled to Haiti in July and August of 2012 and witnessed God’s use of Amber and the love she has for the Haitian people.  The trip participants walked with Amber on her food distribution route through the ravine, as well as saw firsthand the impact she was making on the students at the School.  To learn about future GPPD trips to Haiti, follow this LINK.

As Amber’s second stay is coming to a close, she is looking to God for her next steps.  Unsure of how God is planning to use her in this next year, Amber is requesting prayer for direction and a “sustained passion as she waits on the Lord.” 

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