Amy's Story: 

Last year while seven-year-old Amy and her three-year-old sister Hannah were in their home near Mosul, Iraq, her family heard over the loud speakers that people were coming to kill them because of their families’ religious background. Her parents grabbed what they could and ran by foot, then rode by taxi until they reached a safe city about 50 miles away. When they got there, many other families like Amy were there also. They had no place to stay the night.

For 24 days, Amy and her family lived under a tree and used a blanket to shade them from the hot summer sun. They had to stand in line for food each day and there was little available to help all of the people that were there. Amy’s mom sold all of her jewelry and valuables to pay for a ticket to Amman, Jordan. After they flew into Amman, they didn’t have a place to live. They slept on the street for three days until they heard about our community center and how we help refugee families in need. Today they are living in the community center where they are loved and safe from harm. 

This is just one of the many stories that give you a small glimpse of what the majority of Iraqi refugees have experienced.