B.C. Colony of Laxmidevipalle

Dedicated In Gratefulness for the Faithful Service of the Gospel of the Waldock Family in India

By K. and E. Archer



  • Around 120 people will use this well daily
  • B.C. is a "backward caste" colony on the outskirts of Laxmidevipalle village
  • Ravi is our local contact and is responsible for well maintenance and upkeep
  • Many residents are field laborers
  • There is no church in this communitybut there are 25 local believers
  • Literacy Rate: 45%

GPS Coordinates:18.214358, 78.421661

Village: Laxmidevipalle (Siddipet District)
State: Telangana
Date of Dedication: April 29, 2022