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Showing God's Love Together: A Father's Story
Brett and his wife, Jess had been talking about taking their kids on a mission trip when they got to an age they would remember it. They settled on 10 years old. So when their oldest, Courtney turned 10 they announced on her birthday that she was going to Haiti that summer. “I wanted Courtney to have appreciation for her family, siblings, church, friends, house and just life in general. We were looking for a way that she could serve as well, and not just go on a sightseeing trip.” Brett says. 
So in June of 2015 Brett and his daughter joined a crew of others headed to Haiti to work with and encourage GPPD Associates and Partners on the ground in Haiti. Brett shares about their initial culture shock when arriving at the airport in Port-au-Prince. “The first hour or so after we landed, there was a lot of confusion for us being in a different culture, language, smells, and so on. There was also a heavy rain for about an hour, and Courtney started to tear up some on the bus when we were headed to the hotel. I did at that point start questioning the decision of bringing her to Haiti, but God was so gracious!” It seems sometimes when God pulls us out of our comfort zones, He wants to do something big in our hearts and maybe even in the lives of others. That's exactly what Brett and Courtney were about to experience. 
Soon they got acclimated and began getting to know the people on their team and ministering to the children of Haiti. “The first day we pulled up to our service location, we were only expecting 80 to 100 kids, and instead there were 160 - what a start! I was able to watch Courtney work with and hold some of the kids. This was such a blessing.” Brett loved watching his daughter have the opportunity to serve others, and then be able to serve right alongside her as well. “There was nothing more pleasing than that.” He shares. 
A year later, Brett shares the impact of their time in Haiti. “We both have been changed! I certainly look at life differently and have more of a burden for others that are less fortunate. I don’t even necessarily mean just financially, but opportunities to hear about God’s love, having a structured family unit, a paying job, and just stability/consistency in your life, they are a few things that we both came back so appreciative of. Courtney still brings up memories of Haiti and how it impacted her. I pray this lasts a lifetime… or at least until her next trip!”