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If your payment will not go through on our secure giving portal, you can send the funds to our Paypal profile finance@gpartners.org. Please mention "COVID-19 Response" and your country of choice (Uganda, Haiti, India or Jordan).



Your gift provides food for remote villages in danger of starvation.

We have the opportunity to join with our trusted partner In the Garden Missions to help Ugandans in need. Donations to this page go directly to their fight against hunger in Uganda.

In The Garden Missions has a year-round presence in Uganda, and Global Partners teams have collaborated with them on past trips. Their team is working hard to provide food through local schools for children and others devastated by the fallout of the coronavirus. 



Your gift helps the Rev Home kids as Haiti faces rising prices and turbulence.

The country of Haiti has been facing unrest since the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed. Prices for basic food items continue to rise so your generosity will ensure the kids of the Rev Home can thrive despite lockdown. Please pray for the children and staff, as Haiti had already been on lockdown for about 7 months due to rioting and protests before the Coronavirus pandemic ever began.



Your gift provides food for families, widows and sponsored children.

We are overwhelmed and excited to announce the goal to raise $35,000 to provide a month's supply of food to 350 Indian pastors' families HAS BEEN REACHED! With the help of our national partners, all additional gifts will go to families, widows and others in the greatest need.

Schools across India are closed as part of the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown. All of our sponsored children, as well as those waiting for sponsors, have been coming to the community centers for 2 meals a day. While food is shared equally among all of the children, your gift can help provide meals for more unsponsored children.



Your gift provides basic needs for a struggling Jordanian, refugee family or day laborer.

Thanks to your generosity, we've already assisted 493 family units over the last few weeks! Additional gifts will go to more families in the community who need help.

The entire country of Jordan is under a "stay at home" order.  The government has done their utmost to care for their citizens and 750,000+ refugees.  Each family is able to send one adult on a daily grocery run, but many refugee families and others who do not have work can't afford to buy food from the markets. Your gift can help provide basic needs and hope to one of the many families that are in need.