Child Sponsorship Changes Lives

Francky's Story of Impact

Francky was only two when his mom left his family. His dad took sole responsibility in raising him and his brothers and sisters. Though his father made many sacrifices to pay for his children’s education, all the children except Francky dropped out of school at some point.

Francky had the opportunity to attend church and sing in the choir growing up, but never came to know God. Right after the 2010 catastrophic earthquake, Francky went to the province and attended a church where he chose to follow God. “I knew Christ would be my guide. He is there for me in every circumstance.”

When Francky was 16, he met some of the boys in our Rev Home, and over time, he began spending more and more time in the Home and with the Rev boys. He became close friends with them, but mainly continued coming around because he needed food to eat. After a year, Francky worked up the courage to ask if he could come and live in the Home because his father could no longer take care of him and provide for his education.

Francky fit in perfectly with the Rev family. Since he is a people person and gets along with everyone in the home, he helped to create unity among the guys.

This past June, Francky graduated from school and will be leaving the Rev Home at the end of 2018. He plans to go to a professional mechanic school so he can work on cars. His goal is to save money from working on cars so he can go to medical school and become a doctor. “I want to become a doctor because I love kids and I want to help my people.”

Without the sponsorships of people like you, our Rev Home kids would not have the opportunity to obtain an education and fulfill their dreams of helping their own people. We know we have Haiti-changers growing up in our Home, and you are playing a huge role in making a difference in Haiti through them!




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