Go & Show

Currently there is a Gpartner team serving villages, orphans and community leaders in India. We lead trips to places like India, Haiti, Jordan, Uganda and more. On a Gpartner team you will have the opportunity to serve others by using your gifts and talents in areas such as medical clinics, construction, training in micro businesses, working with children, teaching, etc.   

On this trip already we dedicated two new clean water wells in villages, gave blankets to widows in need, visited orphans, oversaw construction for a new Training Center, and encouraged local leaders! 

Our team has also been able to share God’s love with several villages, provide meals for them, and even join in a little tribal dancing! 

A previous team member, Elizabeth Harris, shared about her experiences on  Gpartners trips. 

“My last visit was in April of 2012. The highlight of my trip was getting to know some of the orphan girls who were doing the sewing project. I have been with GPPD to India four times and once to Guatemala. I (always) trust that I will be safe and well cared for,” Harris said. 

If you are interested in taking a trip with Global Partners, visit our Trips page. A Gpartners trip gives you the opportunity to share His love with people in desperate need  as well as changes the way you see the world. He gives you His eyes for the people of the world.