Vacation Bible School Story

Kids Get Excited To Show God's Love

First Baptist Church in Morrisville, NY wanted to teach their Vacation Bible School kids a tangible way to show God’s love to people around the world. Here is their story. 

"Each year for our Vacation Bible School, we pick a project to raise money for.  This year we chose to raise money to buy goats for families in India through Global partners.

On our first day of VBS we brought in a couple of goats to show the kids exactly what we were doing.  This got them excited! 

Usually we challenge the kids to bring in pennies and at the end of each day we would weigh them. However, pennies weren't enough for these kids and they were bringing whatever they had. 

We competed boys against the girls, and come Friday it was tied, but the girls pulled it off. The kids had so much fun rising to the challenge! We were amazed to see them reach far beyond the goal we had set! 

Bringing in $370, we celebrated with the kids and had a hayride. Family and friends joined in and made it a blessing we will never forget!  Just to see the excitement the kids had in knowing they were helping others in need, was such a joy! What an honor to be able to help others!"