Terez's Story

Vitiamins and a friendship

Among the few elderly in the country of Haiti is a 96 year old widowed woman named Terez. Her home is one amongst a small tent city in the capital city of Port-au-Prince. The first time our Associate Amber Hasson met Terez she was laying on the floor of her tent.  She slept on the floor so that her daughter and two grandchildren could share the only bed in their shelter. She was extremely malnourished, very weak, and needed help. Through a translator, Terez told Amber that her stomach was eating away at her from the inside. 

Because of her desperate need, GPPD provided her with Daily Vitamins given by generous doners through our Gift Catalog. She was also routinely provided with food. As God opened the door to show her Christ’s love in such a tangible and needed way, Amber and GPPD Partners in Haiti began to develop a stronger relationship with Terez. This relationship allowed them to show and share God’s love to the entire tent city where Terez lived. They began to provide healthcare and shoes to the people and began a Bible program with the children.


When Terez turned 96 years old, Amber and orphans from a nearby orphanage where Amber worked (Christian Light) baked Terez a birthday cake. It was her first cake in all her 96 years! This began a special bond between Terez and the orphans. They would ask to visit Terez and Terez would come to visit the kids in the orphanage. 

Through the gifts of vitamins, healthcare and food, a friendship a life is changed. Please continue to pray for the elderly of Haiti, as they have little to no means to help themselves or receive help. You can help the people of Haiti through the GPPD Gift Catalog HERE

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