Together we can make a difference. 

I am currently training to run in my first 26.2 mile marathon later this year. I decided this race would be about something more than personal achievement so I am running to raise money to build clean water wells in India. My goal is to raise enough money to build 1 water well for every 2 miles I race. This will allow us to build 13 clean water wells which will bring clean water to around 50,000 people who currently do not have easy access to water.

Would you consider supporting me in this effort?

DONATE BELOW or you can mail your donation to GPPD (PO Box 117 Blue Ridge, VA 24064) with a note that you are giving toward the Lundeen Race for Water Campaign. Enter total donation amount below.


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Thank you Red Land Football Camp

During the month of July, Dr Cox and the Red Land Football Camp agreed to support my campaign and raise money for water wells. After 4 days of fundraising, they raised enough money for 1 water well, which was then tripled by an anonymous donor! The 3 water wells were dedicated during October, 2015. You can watch videos from those dedications below. Thank you Doctor Cox and all the Red Land Football Camp Participants! 

Well Dedications from the Lundeen Marathon Water Wells