When Slovakia first came out from under a communist regime, it struggled to find its economic footing. There was much corruption that hurt its beginnings. Today it still struggles with a 12.4 percent unemployment rate. The rural areas are the most affected by this. Depression and suicide rates are among the highest in Europe as well.

For many, especially among the Romani people, they are satisfied to live off of government assistance. For others they see their hope in their education, so much so they have made education their god. They have forgotten that good moral character is necessary in order to use that education in a beneficial and productive way. It is our endeavor to give them an opportunity to see how building good character can enhance and enrich their lives, as well as enabling them to benefit their society. If corruption hurt Slovakia at the beginning of their democratic experience, it continues to hurt them today. We are trying to make a difference in this area.




Over the years we have shown love to Slovak people through providing English education, basic aid, summer youth camps, community development, and assistance in further education.

We have started a Worldview Training Center to help young people and adults comprehend a worldview that will instill in them the principles and character qualities that will help them to bring help and hope to their communities.





We conduct English and Worldview camps that not only teach English, but promote hope in the lives of many teens in need. These camps are designed to help people see life through God's perspective. 



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