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The Chittoor Children’s Home (CTR) is located in the southern-most part of Andhra Pradesh, India. It borders the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. It is about a 3 hour drive from the large city of Chennai. The Children’s Home is located about 18km outside the city of Chittoor. One of our teams visited for the very first time in January 2008.  There are currently 26 boys and girls who we have the privilege of caring for. This area is a very tropical area and it is much “greener” than the other parts of Andhra Pradesh. It has somewhat of a tropical climate.

This district is the strongest Hindu district in all of Andhra Pradesh. In almost every village, there is an idol that you must bow down and worship before stepping foot in the village. They also have one of the most holy Hindu temples in all of India. The national leaders travel there each year for a pilgrimage. Everyday more than 10,000 people from India come to this holy site. In the temple people will wait an average of 10-20 hours to see the god. After they worship the god they will bathe and shave their head.

Pastor Abraham and his wife, Mary, are the Caretakers of the children in this home. They have two children of their own. Pastor Abraham is also the District Leader for Chittoor. This Children’s Home was started because of their love for precious orphan children. Many of these children have lost both of their parents.  Some of them have lost one parent and the other parent is no longer able to care for them.

The children live in a rented home right off of a major highway. In 2009, there was an accident on the road and one of the vehicles crashed into the side of the Children’s Home. Fortunately none of the children were injured. The rented home that they live in is not adequate for the children and is need of repair. 

Through sponsors like you we bring help and hope to these children and provide a caring, loving environment for them to live in. 

The greatest need we have is the construction of a home. To build a home for these children with adequate rooms, kitchen, bath facilities, a clean water well, and a compound wall will cost an estimated $120,000. We are so thankful that in 2016 we were able to purchase a piece of land and our next step is to build a new home.  If you would like to give toward the completion of this home you can donate on this page in the left bar. Or if you would to like host an event to help raise funds for this cause contact us and we will help you get started.