Gonegandla Home


The Gonegandla Children’s Home is located nearly 200 miles south of Hyderabad. We first visited this home in January 2004.  At that time, around 20 children lived in a very small rented home. The children were only getting fed 1 meal a day at that time. We began to pray for sponsors for these children, as well as a piece of land and funds to build a new home for these children. As we began to get sponsors for these children they began getting 3 meals a day! Construction began on the new property in early 2007.  The home was completed and ready for the children in the fall of 2007.

The Children’s Home is located in a small village. As you drive to this home you see mountains of rock, many of which seem to be large boulders. On the sides of the road you will many times see women sitting down with large rocks in front of them, making gravel by hammering the rocks.  Right beside the Children’s Home is a large stream of water where you can always see women washing their clothes and many times you will see water buffaloes taking baths. This river dries up in the summer months.

Pastor John Mark and his wife, Marthamma, are the main caretakers of the children in this home. They have three precious children, John Paul, John Sheker and Joyce Mary.

This Children’s Home was started because of their love for children. Pastor John was asked to help take care of three children who did not have anyone to love or care for them. He gladly took these children in his home as if they were his own. Soon after this, other children were brought to this home to be cared for.

In 2013 a sewing training center was built on top of the Gonegandla Children’s Home.

In January 2017, we installed a water well and electric pump which provides water for the children to drink, for cooking/cleaning and use for watering the garden.