Hanumanthapalem Home

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This Children’s Home was the first home that was started by our national worker Steeven Kumar. His father, Neelam Baram and his wife, Mary, live at this Children’s Home.  They are able to invest in the lives of these children on a daily basis. Steeven’s brother, Gabriel, who lives in Vijayawada comes quite often to check on the children. Timothy and his wife live at the Hanumanthapalem Home and help meet both the physical and spiritual needs of the children.  

As you travel to this home from this city of Vijayawada you pass a large monkey god statue.

This home has two large rooms and one smaller room.  The two large rooms are bedrooms, one for the girls the other for the boys.  Along the perimeter of these rooms are trunks the size of small suitcases where the children keep their belongings. The other room is where Neelam Baram and Mary sleep.

In January of 2004, one of the ladies who had visited Hanumanthapalem donated the money to build a shower and bathroom facility. This was a huge blessing to the children and caretakers of this home. In January 2007, another team was able to dedicate a security wall, along with an additional piece of property adjacent to the existing property. They were having problems with cobras. The security wall and new land helped alleviate this problem.  In 2012 we updated their kitchen and storage area, as well as provided a room for Timothy and his family.

The children spend their days going to school, playing games and studying the Scriptures.  As these children’s physical needs are met, so are their spiritual needs.  Daily, these children are fed Biblical truths and are encouraged to grow in their faith.

A water well pump was installed in 2016