Peddathumbali Home

In December of 2004 the Peddathumbali Children’s Home (PDT) was established within a small farming village. When we first visited many of the boys in this home had no shirts on their back, or shoes to put on their feet. They were so poor that they had only been able to eat one meal of white rice for lunch each day. In the morning they were given the soupy water that was left over from the pot that the rice was cooked in the day before. This allowed them some nutrients to get through the morning hours before their lunch.

Soon after meeting them and asking people to sponsor these children, the children all received a new set of clothes and began being  fed 3 meals per day.  In June 2008, the children moved into a brand new home that was built specifically for them. It is in a beautiful location with mountains in the back drop.  This was a big change from the small church building that they were living in. We are amazed to watch how God provided this for these children through sponsors and others with generous hearts. 

The caretakers of this Children’s Home are Prem Kumar and his wife Shobha Rani. Their two children are Priyanka and Nathan Stephen. They love these 57 children with all their heart and take very special care of each child.