Salakalaveedu Home

The Salakalaveedu Children’s Home (SLK) was opened in the wake of the devastating tsunami in December 2004.  Prabhudas, the local pastor in Salakalaveedu, had a burden for the children who lost their parents in this disaster.  In many cases, it is easy to place a boy child in a relative's home, since males are the favored gender in India.  However, many girls are left without caretakers, and this home was opened for them.  The construction went quickly, and the building was ready for occupation by early March 2005. 

The head caretaker of the girls’ home is Sirisha Gona which is Prabhuda's daughter .  The home is in a small village.  Prabhudas originally had hoped to take in as many as 60 children, and with the completion of the Nellore Children’s Home that is adjacent to Salakalaveedu, his dream has become a reality.

A brand new water well was installed in 2016!