Siddipet Home

These special children in the Siddipet Children’s Home (BMP) have the wonderful privilege of being cared for by one of our national partners, Suresh and his wife. They are blessed with 2 beautiful children. Our national partner, Steeven, and his wife Dorothy live near the Siddipet Home. Dorothy spends a lot of time with the children. Many times some of the boys will stay in the home with Steeven and Dorothy. This is a very special treat for them. 

The Siddipet Children's Home rented homes for more than 8 years. There was much trouble with the landlords so they finally moved to an old church building. While there they did not encounter trouble from others, but the water that came from the well was not good. Many times this caused the boys to get sick. 

For many years these boys prayed that God would provide them a permanent home. In July 2014 the boys moved into their new home, the Siddipet Training Center. Not only will these boys now have plenty of room and good drinking water, they will have lots of room to study, play and have fun.