Veldurthy Home

The Veldurthy Children’s Home (VLD) is located within a small village. During our first visit in December 2004 the caretakers and the 14 children in this home were so poor that they had only been able to eat one meal of white rice for lunch each day. In the morning, they were given the soupy water that was left over from the pot that the rice was cooked in the day before. This allowed them some nutrients to get through the morning hours before their lunch.  

Because of sponsors like you, the children are all being fed 3 meals per day. We have also been able to open up the home to more of these precious children and now have both boys & girls living at the home!   In 2009, through the gifts of some donors, we were able to enlarge their existing home to provide more space for additional children.

The caretakers for this Children’s Home are Chandriah & Yessamma Naik.  They have three girls of their own (Lalitha, Pavani and Shirisha), along with caring for the rest of the children.  Their family is from the Banjara Tribe of India.  They love these 40+ children with all their heart and take very special care of each child.

Current Needs: Fix the septic system out back and install a security gate along the back wall. If you would like more information on these needs or how you can help provide for these projects... email us at

Meet the Caretaker

A brand new water well was installed in 2016!