Since childhood Rani has been a very hard worker . Both of her parents died before she got to know them , which made her childhood very difficult for her. She moved into her aunt and uncles house which was a one bedroom mudhouse. Her aunt and uncle worked in the fields which didn't produce much income for the family which forced her to work alongside them to help provide more income .Rani recalls not being able to play as a child , and remebers working most of her childhood to help support her family . She got scolded often if something wasn't done right , and was often made fun of for not having parents.  A man named John mark was able to help her get schooling ,until she had to drop out because she didnt have enough money to pay for her exams .  She had a dream of becoming a nurse but her family couldn't afford the extra schooling. Right now she is concentrating on becoming an excellent tailor . Since being in the program she has stiched Saris for her neighbors , and is making nation dolls for the advent calendars. For her future , Rani said she is praying to get married to a Christian man , and continue the tailoring buisness with Him if he decides.


Sony has been married 8 years and is an expectant mother . During her pregnancy she contintued to work in the fields daily from 9 -6 to make money for her family . On her time off , she spent it walking 15 minutes to get to water , then waited another 30 minutes in line before she actually got it . She was able to go to school until the 10th grade , and around that time her father died. Sony said her favorite memories of her life so far were spent with her father. She is working no stiching saris along with making advent calenders . She has been working hard and saving her money . Her dream is to buy her family a new home . Sony  lives in a one bedroom mud hut , and has been falling apart slowly due to rain and she doesn't think it will last much longer .  


Pooja has been faced with many different challenges in her life . When Pooja was 18 her father died , and she was thrown out of the house because no one wanted to spend money on her and her sister . Both her father and brother had problems with drug and alchol abuse . She then got married to a man who abused alcohol and beat her . Her father in law told her she couldn't work outside of the home . Pooja has also recently been sick . She is unable to sleep due to stomach pains and back arthritis . Before she was in the program learned how to stitch by hand , and since has learned how to use her new sewing machine. 


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