Sunday, October 27 Update: This past week our Associates were on the coast handing out 25kg rice bags to a small village that was greatly impacted by the Cylone. They were also able to visit a tribal people, the Koya, who are more inland. Many in this village are sick because of all the rain that they have received in recent days. A doctor was taken to this village to help give care and also we handed out many warm blankets to help keep the families warm at night. 

Monday, October 14 Update: Monday Morning Cylcone Phailin Update: All the children in our 2 Children's Homes, Peddathumbali and Nadimikella made it through the storm just fine. We thank God for this! Those who were evacuated from the coastal areas are heading back to their homes and seeing the widespread damage to their villages. The greatest immediate needs that they have right now are food (rice), clothing and medicines. 

Please help us meet the basic needs of some of the tens of thousands of already impoverished people devastated by Cyclone Phailin. They are saying that this cyclone was very similar in nature to Hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans because of the immense size and strength of the storm and the dense population that is in its path.

Since 2003, GPartners has been working the same areas of India that this cyclone hit, helping people in utter poverty and providing two Children's Home for more than 75 orphaned children. 

With your help we can help meet the immediate basic needs of these people. We will provide food, shelter, and other basic care, as well as helping families with an income by providing the fishing nets they need to survive in the coming months. Most have lost their boats and nets which are their only means of survival. 

Just $10 goes a long way and 95% of your donations go directly to help the people. 

Join us and take action now. 



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