Dan Nakano

General Manager

XD GE Automation Company, Xi’an, China

"I believe our responsibility in serving God includes helping and supporting people with spiritual, emotional, intellectual and material needs. GPPD is an organization that practices this concept."



Charles Scott Cunningham

President of Chazz Enterprises

I serve with G.P.P.D. because we are committed with passion for the dignity of human life and being obedient to Jesus Christ and participating in the great commission!



Jim Kistner

Associate Pastor, Family Ministries

Retired physician

I have been a part of GPPD since its inception. Working with and giving to GPPD is a most cost effective and practical means for people to love their neighbors – around the world. 



Paul Troutt


"Being able to join hands with GPPD to serve those in need has been such a blessing in my life.  Moving from just giving to "going" has changed the way I think about life.  It's loving in word and deed!"



Jessica Lankford 

"My family and I love Global Partners.  They have created an environment where my husband and I, along with our 5 children, can participate and partner to bring hope and help to the nations.”




Vice-Chairman: Scott Cunningham
Treasurer: Paul Troutt
Secretary: Jim Kistner

Dan Nakano  
Roy Carter 
Jane Campbell 
Jeff Lundeen









P.O. Box 117, Blue Ridge, VA 24064 | 540-765-4300