Start an iGiveUp Campaign

The purpose of an iGiveUp Campaign is to abstain from something in your daily life that you consider essential in order to raise money for others who are in greater need - to practice true sacrificial giving.

"We’re not giving what we’re called to give, unless that giving affects how we live... Sacrificial Giving is the love gift that changes how you live — because the love of Christ has changed you. God doesn’t want your leftovers. God wants your love overtures, your first-overs, because He is your first love.”

-Ann Voskamp

How Does the "I Give Up" Campaign Work?


Choose something that you want to give up.     

Ideas: Your Birthday, Coffee, A Gym Membership, Air Conditioning, New Clothes, Eating out


Choose for how long you are willing to give up your idea.

Ideas: A week, month, season, year

Once you have decided what you are willing to give up and for how long, we can help you build a page to share your story, donate, update your progress and encourage others to join in with you.

Start Your Campaign!


Make a commitment to reach your goal, and donate the money you raised to a cause of your choice on the interactive fundraising page you created!