Jordan Trip Rules & Covenant

To be able to participate in this mission work, you must agree to and abide by the rules and team covenant listed below as well as the article about Resolving Conflict. Please read through these carefully and check the box at the bottom indicating that you agree.  

Jordan Trip Rules

These rules are put in place to protect your physical safety, the ministry, and your overall experience. If you have any questions about the rules please call Jonathan Grooms.

Alcohol/Tobacco/Drug Use

  • The use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs during the course of this trip is absolutely forbidden while working with Global Partners.  


  • Commit to maintain a positive attitude regardless of circumstances.
  • Don’t state the obvious or complain.
  • Encourage one another.
  • Remember to be flexible.  
  • Be considerate of others sleeping habits, quiet times, etc.
  • You will live out of your suitcase and will most likely be in a room with others, so be neat.
  • Show gratitude to those that we minister with and to. Don’t allow them to just serve you, serve them as well.

Be on time to all meetings.

  • Why? You cannot afford to miss vital information as well as team exhortations.
  • There will be “team” meetings throughout the trip to share and recap what is taking place and what God is doing in our hearts.  Coming to this meeting is mandatory.

Maintain Quiet Times on the Trip– Worship, Bible Reading, Prayer, and Journal

  • Why? Because out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks and it will help you be connected to God so that you can be ready for all that He has for you daily.

Journal – Pre-trip and during trip

  • Why? To record your what God is revealing and teaching you.

Personal Safety

  • Never go anywhere without prior permission from your team leader and never by yourself.

Ministry Guidelines

  • The most effective ministry is guys ministering to guys and girls ministering to girls.
  • Never leave the eye sight of your team when in ministry. You must remain with the group at all times.
  • During Ministry Events be aware of the team’s departure times.
  • Use every opportunity to be Christ and share His love with everyone you come in contact with.


  • No romantic dating relationships or pairing off at any times (includes holding hands, extended hugs, or communicating any intent of a relationship) unless you are married…if you are married have fun!
  • Why? Because this trip is short and we don’t want distractions from Jesus and ministry.

Dress code (written by workers on the field)

We don’t want our reputation damaged by offensive dress or unnecessary distractions from our purpose.  For this culture, modesty is important.  Don't show too much skin.  What would be considered “casual” in the US or Europe could be very shocking or provocative here.

No shorts for both men and women, as are short skirts, Koolots and knickers. If you wear a skirt it should be long, well below the knee, closer to ankle length.  Button-up shirts should not be open more than one button and cleavage should not show. 

Short sleeve shirts and tee-shirts are fine, but sleeveless shirts and blouses are not.

Pants are acceptable and recommended (more common and practical than skirts or dresses).  Avoid tight fitting, figure-revealing clothes.  Loose fitting clothes will also be cooler and more comfortable in summer. Many women wear long shirts, un-tucked, that cover the behind.  Sandals are fine and great when it’s hot. Shirts and ties for men are not necessary but are fine if that is what you are comfortable in.   

For church: nice, clean clothes will be adequate.  A collared shirt and khakis would be fine for men.  Similar for women, or a dress if you prefer.  Jeans are not the preferred dress for church, but are acceptable if they are not faded and don’t have holes.

For women, head coverings, like Muslim style head scarves are NOT necessary, and are not recommended. 

Long, (shoulder length or longer) hair for men is not acceptable here.  Also no body piercings and any earrings for men.  Tattoos should be covered if at all possible.   In general avoid dress and hair style that will be shocking or attract comments from people on the street.

Exceptions to dress code:

Shorts are ok when swimming or in a strictly tourist area.  When swimming, it is best to wear a tee shirt (men and women).  All women’s swim wear should be one-piece and/or covered with a long tee shirt.  Shorts are ok in the house if you’re not going out and not seeing guests of the opposite sex.  Shorts are ok while playing sports but not while walking to the park.

Dress allowances also vary a little depending where you are and who you are with.  East Amman (area of church), downtown, and all outlying cities and villages are conservative.  West Amman is fairly liberal.  When with Arabs, dress more carefully for their benefit.

Jordan Team Covenant

I covenant to give of myself to accomplish the things God has called me as an individual and us as a team to accomplish. By signing this covenant I commit to…

  • abide by the given rules
  • love and esteem others higher than myself
  • be honorable in my thoughts and actions
  • respect the team members, leaders, and pastors on this trip
  • encourage and include my team members
  • listen and obey God’s Word and His voice when He speaks to me
  • Glorify Christ and tell others about what He has done in my life.

Trip Rules / Team Covenant Agreement