Helpful Hints

  • Documents - Carry your passport with you at all times.  Be sure to bring a copy of your passport with you. DO NOT pack it in the luggage that you are checking.   Pack it in a safe place.  If you lose your passport, immediately inform one of your team leaders.  Carry the name, address and telephone number of our contacts with you at all times.
  • Medicine - Take ample prescription medications (in its original bottle) along with you, along with other over-the-counter medicine.
  • Weather - The average high temperature in Jordan will be around 82 degrees in May and the average low is around 60 degrees.
  • Money  - You may want to bring about $100.00 spending money.  Take your money with you at all times.  We will use Jordanian currency while there and we will get it exchanged for you.  
  • Water - Bottled drinking water must be used at all times. DO NOT drink the shower water or brush your teeth in tap water.  Bottled water will be provided for you.
  • Electricity - The current in Jordan is 220 volts, so you must have a proper converter in order to use your American electrical appliances. ( i.e. hair driers, electric razors, etc.)  Wal-Mart, or AAA carry the proper converters.
  • Flexibility - Expect the unexpected.  It is important to always keep a positive attitude. Things are much different in Jordan vs. America, and it can be frustrating at times, but remember that you represent Christ, and being the example to others is key.
  • Problems - If any problem occurs during the trip, please do not hesitate to come speak to any of your team leaders.  Even if you don’t think it’s a big deal, feel free to ask.
  • Share Your Testimony:  We will want you to share your testimony and give a Gospel witness as often as possible.
  • Give Genuine Love:  You will want to give genuine love and concern to the people.  They are very open and honest and in great need of a Savior.
  • Be Open:  It is important that you be open to their expressions of love, please read cultural tips undestanding how this works in Jordan.
  • Personal Discipleship:  There will be opportunities for you to do invest into individuals, especially those who speak a little English.  Please be prepared.  Share your life in Jesus.
  • Be a Servant:  remember, the Arab people do not have to meet our schedule or expectations.  We are there to serve them, not vice versa.
  • Be Flexible:  Be ready to made changes at a moment’s notice.  This is key to a successful team.
  • Be Patient:  There will be many times for just waiting.  Have you ever heard the statement hurry and wait?  That is what life is like in other countries.  Also, be patient with other team members.  Fatigue can often lead to irritability. 
  • Be Holy:  Spend time in the Word of God and in prayer each day…..YOU WILL NEED IT.
  • No Promises: Please do not make any promises!  The Arab people take everything literally.  Saying things like “well, maybe” or “I’ll see” is a promise to them.  Stick to the phrase, “I make no promise”.
  • Be Prompt:  Even if they are not.
  • Be Careful:  Do not eat from road-side venders without permission from a leader, no water, no ice, only bottled water.  Do not go anywhere alone.  Always go with another team member.
  • Be Friendly:  Arab people are usually very friendly.  They will have many questions about our lives in America.  Take a picture of your family to show to them.  Don’t argue politics.
  • Obey Authority:  GPPD is responsible for you while you are on this team.  Therefore, we will need your help in responding to things we ask you to do.  Always obey instructions.  It may keep you out of trouble or from getting lost.
  • Team Unity:  We will be working long hours together under different circumstances.  Therefore, we must strive for patience and unity.  Do not pick on or tease another team member.  Being united is very important.
  • Be Involved:  Don’t just stand around - look for ways to minister to the people.

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