This page will be updated once we have purchased our airline tickets as our baggage allowance will be dependant upon the airlines that we fly.

Each participant can pack one suitcase on their own and their second piece of luggage will be used for supplies and special gifts. 

Baggage Requirements

Checked Baggage: TBD

Cabin Baggage: TBD

 Forbidden Items in Cabin Baggage

  • Steel nail files, pocket knife/box cutters, razor blades, scissors
  • Hypodermic syringes, lighters, matches, fireworks, mace
  • Flammable products: butane, oxygen, liquid nitrogen, etc.
  • Household cutlery, toy gun, darts, knitting needles


Note: Because you will not see your suitcase until you arrive in Jordan, be sure to pack the things you need in your carry-on including any medicines that you are taking.  However, if you are taking a liquid or gel medicine, it cannot be more than 3 oz and it must be placed in a quart size clear zip lock bag.  Prescription medicine must be in its original bottle.  You will have to be very selective because you are limited to 15 lbs.