Donations To Bring

Donations for Refugee Families While Visiting

There is no requirement to take gifts on visits. Below are simply suggestions if you choose to do this.

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, soft toys for children, bouncing balls, chocolates/sweets

Soccer Balls, Jelly Bands (wide ones), Baseball Caps

Hair bows, jewelry, small dolls

Pen/Pencil Sets

Nice jewelry (not "expensive"), pretty knick-knacks for the home.

For Translators/Partners:
Something small from the Christian Book Store – most of the partners will read/speak some English (translators will for sure)
Nice T-Shirt (they will receive a team t-shirt as well) – most of the partners will be around a M size
You could purchase a phone card for them in Jordan if you found out what phone company they use. (would cost around $8)

A few of them love beef jerky sticks. Tony loves hazelnut coffee creamer as well. 


For the Refugee Community Center:
Clothes (newborn – 10 years old)
Twin and Queen Bed Sheet Sets (mattress cover/sheets/pillow cases) – used or new

Helpful tips:
Any material (books, Bibles, tracts) are impractical if they in English. Most can only read Arabic.
Before handing out any gifts be sure to ask your Team Leader who will be with you to make sure it is an appropriate time to give out any gifts you may have brought
Remember that refugees are all hoping to immigrate and they will not have much space/weight to take with them to their new country.