What to Wear

Dress Code for Haiti

Haitian culture is different than American culture.  As Christians, we need to be especially careful of our influence in other cultures.  Please dress and behave conservatively.  Remember you are representing Jesus to the Haitian people.

Expect very hot weather.  Polyester & nylon are too hot.  No spandex.  Cotton or cotton/blend is good and much more comfortable.  Haiti is a third-world environment so you will likely be around sewage, trash, dust, etc... be advised to bring things that may get dirty. 

There will be an opportunity for you to donate your used clothes to ministries here at the end of the week.

General Dress Code

Comfortable but modest. No spaghetti straps or low cut tops. Tank tops should have at least 1inch wide straps.  We will be active so make sure your shirts are appropriate length.  Unless otherwise noted (see below), shorts and skirts MUST always be at least knee length.  Please leave all your jewelry at home. Plain wedding bands & small earrings are acceptable. Nothing expensive or flashy.  Please cover tattoos as much as possible and remove facial piercings.  (In the Haitian culture tattoos are used in Voodoo worship).  For general use sandals are allowed. 

***Please refer to your ministry days for your specific additional dress code rules. 

Travel Days  

  • Casual and comfortable is ok.  To promote team unity and to recognize other team members, we ask that you wear your “GPPD Trip” T-shirt while flying to Haiti.

Attending Church

  • Haitians wear their very best to church; we should dress properly as well.
  • Ladies – Dresses or Skirts (must be at least knee length) Shoulders must be covered.
  • Men – Long pants and nice knit or dress collared shirt. Closed-toed shoes.  If you are preaching a necktie is required.  

Ministry Days

  • Construction: T-Shirts are ok – but men are to leave their shirts on at all times. Work boots and cargo shorts or pants with deep pockets are recommended but not required. Long pants would be best to wear while doing construction as you might be working with tin and block.
  • Medical: Scrubs are recommended but not required. No shorts, closed-toed shoes are recommended. General Dress code is appropriate.
  • VBS & Orphan Care: General Dress code is appropriate.
  • Pastoral & Evangelism: Pants with a light collared shirt or nice t-shirt with no advertisements of any kind. Closed-toed shoes recommended.
  • Ravine: Best to wear pants. Closed-toed shoes are required.
  • Sisters of Charity: Covered shoulders. No shorts.
  • Rév Home: Casual & athletic “soccer style” shorts (for guys and girls) are acceptable.

At House of Hope & Beach

  • One-piece bathing suits or tankinis that cover mid-drift for girls / women – modesty is the key
    • Women can wear shorts (ie “soccer” style shorts) with a t-shirt overtop bathing suit
    • Can be shorter than knee length while swimming
  • Guys are ok to swim with no shirt – but when walking around the house please keep your shirts on.
  • Fingertip length shorts along with the general dress code are appropriate to wear around House of Hope
  • For the beach day we suggest bringing a change of clothes for the ride home. There are changing rooms available.

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