Current Children Home Needs 

Each year we visit our Children Homes we often see big needs on the maintainance of the Homes and even with things that can help them in their daily lives. Child Sponsorships provide for each child's basic needs, education and care, but often times things like maintenance and repair goes unattended because of a lack of funds. Through special gifts we are praying that God will help us meet some of these needs. Perhaps you can be a part of helping us reach the goals we have to complete each of the below projects.

If God leads you, below is a list of different projects you can help with. In the donate box to the right, you can choose one of the specific needs or simply give to where it is most needed. We will keep this list updated, so you can continue knowing where there is still a need. Thank you for caring enough to make a difference!

  1. Front and back gate and fence for the Veldurthy (VLD) Home. Gates are missing or broken. COST: $833.00
  2. Auto Rickshaw for transporting children to and from school for the Peddathumbali (PDT) Home. COST: $3,636.00
  3. New Veranda for the Pedduthumbali (PDT) Home. to give children a place to sit outside, but not be under the sun.
  4. New Living Quarters for Gonagandla (GNG) Home that include a separate dormitory and bath house for the boys. COST: $30,000

Thanks to generous donors, we PRAISE GOD these recent projects have all been fully funded:

  1. A new water well needs dug with an electric pump for the Gonagandla (GNG) Home. The current one is not deep enough and runs dry. COST: $2,120.00 *FULLY FUNDED*
  2. A new pump set and motor on current well for the Peddathumbali (PDT) Home. COST: $960.00 *FULLY FUNDED*
  3. A heightened wall for the Gonagandla (GNG) Home along area where bathrooms sit. Current wall is too low, and people walking by can see into the shower and bathroom area. COST: $2,454.00 *FULLY FUNDED*
  4. Front gate moved and repaired at the Gonagandla (GNG) Home. Current one does not provide security needed. COST: $393.00 *FULLY FUNDED*
  5. New bathrooms for boys and girls at the Veldurthy (VLD) Home. Currently only have one bathroom for everyone. COST: $2,954.00 *FULLY FUNDED*

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