Dress Code

For India clothes are a very important to be aware of. Culturally it can really distract or even disrespect without us having the intentions of doing it.  It may seem "strict" but once you get to India you will feel more comfortable after you’re submersed in their culture.

Be prepared to know that you sweat a lot. Dress “light”.


  • Nothing sleeveless.
  • Pants & dresses should be mid-calf length.  
  • Form fitting or "figure flattering" clothing will be noticed and stared at, so it's best to wear something with a looser fit.
  • If wearing pants try and wear longer shirts.
  • Many Indian women do wear tight pants, but their shirts always come down to just above their knees
  • A helpful guide for women’s dress in India can be found here: http://www.thisbatteredsuitcase.com/what-to-wear-in-india/


  • Pants and short sleeved collared shirts (polo style or button up style both ok) are preferred
  • Non-collared shirts are ok – but should be nice. Most Indian men will be wearing collared button-down shirts.
  • Jeans, if nice, are ok. If we are going to conduct a service (or going to a church) you should wear Khakis or dress pants.


  • We will take our shoes off a lot, when we go into homes/churches. Easy on/off shoes are nice.
  • Travel: Either in vehicle or by plane 
    • No shorts but comfortable is ok. Sandals are ok. 
  • Shorts in hotel rooms, not someone's personal home or in public settings.