Haiti REV Home FAQ

Q: Can I sponsor more than one child? 

A: Yes, you can sponsor more than one child each month, as many others do.

Q: Am I the only sponsor for my child? 

A: The budget for each child is $220 per month. This high price is due to Haiti’s failing economic system. Each child could have up to seven sponsors to help cover those costs. The number of sponsors each child has varies. If you, your family or group is able to cover a full sponsorship, you would be the only sponsor for that child.

Q: What benefits will my child receive?

A: Sponsorship effects every area of the child's life. Your monthly gift helps meet the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of your child. Your giving supports school fees, medical care, Biblical teaching, and daily needs such as food and electricity. Through the sponsorship of your child, you are able to show them God's love and compassion.

Q: Why did the children go to the Rev Home? 

A: Each child's story varies, but one of the main reasons they come to the Rev Home is because one parent has passed away and the other parent/relatives are not able to provide sufficiently for them. Some children have lost both parents and many have parents who lovingly gave them up because they were not able to provide for them. 

Q: How do you meet the needs of children living in a Children’s Home?

A: The support you send is combined with the support of other sponsors and sent monthly to the Rev Home. We would never feed one child and ignore an unsponsored child living with them because all the children are special and should be treated equally. Through the combined efforts of sponsors like you who are sacrificially giving, we can meet the needs of every child in the Children’s Home.

Q: Will I receive progress reports and/or pictures of my child? If so, how often?  

A: Each year during one of our trips to Haiti, we take a new picture of your child. We will send you an updated picture of your child and post additional pictures on our website. We will also send updates from the Children's Homes throughout the year via email and mail.  

Q: Can I write to my child?

A: Yes! Your letter is a great encouragement to your child and helps them feel significant. You can write your child a letter to tell them about you, your family, and to let them know you are praying for them. We also encourage you to send a picture of your family to the child so they can see who is praying for and supporting them. You can deliver or mail your letter to the office or submit it online at www.gpartners.org/writing-to-my-child. You are also welcome to send small gifts to your child.

Q: Will my child write to me?

A: We understand that as a sponsor, you will want to hear from your child. We encourage you to write your sponsored child and we will do our very best to make sure you receive a response from them. If you are communicating via internet, our response time goal is two weeks. If you are writing a handwritten letter, it will take 3-5 months because the only reliable method of delivery is sending your letter with a GPPD team.

Q: How can I get a gift to my child for Christmas?

A: Each Christmas, we send a letter asking all sponsors to give an extra donation above their monthly support to purchase a gift for their child. The children receive their gifts on or before Christmas day. You can send us a personalized note that your child will receive with their gift. You can mail a check or give your gift online at www.gpartners.org/christmasgifts 

Q: Can I visit my child? 

A: Yes! Please see our website (www.gpartners.org/trips) for more information on how you might travel with us to meet and show love to your child. 

Q: Can I bring my child to the United States for a visit? 

A: Even though we would all love to bring our sponsored child to the U.S. to spend time with us, it is logistically difficult and is not in the best interest of the child. There are several reasons for this: the safety and well-being of the child, the culture shock experienced by the child, the rules of the government for visa permissions, and the child's readjustment to his or her own lifestyle can be difficult. However, if your Rev Home sponsored child is sixteen years of age or older and you would like to invite them for a short visit to the US, please contact Amber. Please do not talk about this with the children before consulting with Amber.

Q: Can I adopt my child? 

A: As much as many of us would love to adopt our sponsored children, this is not possible. The Rev Home is not registered for adoption. We also believe that these children are the next leaders in the country of Haiti. We want to help raise up a generation of young people who will bring help and hope to other Haitians.

Q: I would like to pay by check.  Who do I make the check payable to? 

A: Please make your checks payable to Global Partners in Peace and Development or GPPD.  If you need more envelopes, please email selliott@gpartners.org.   

Q: Where do I send my support? 

A: Global Partners in Peace and Development – PO Box 117 – Blue Ridge, VA 24064-0117 

Q: Do you take credit cards? 

A: Yes. You can pay with a credit card online at www.gpartners.org. Please click on “Child Sponsorship.” The online transaction is a quick and secure way to send your support each month.

Q: Can I pay directly from my checking account each month?

A: Yes, please go to our website, www.gpartners.org. Click on “Child Sponsorship”. When you get to the section that says “payment,” simply click “Bank Account.” You will then be prompted to enter your account information. The transaction fee for this is less than using a credit card and is another quick and secure way to send your support each month.

Q: My bank offers online bill payment.  Can you accept my sponsorship this way?

A: We have many sponsors who send their monthly support check automatically through online banking. This is a wonderful option to make sure that your check is sent on time each month.  If your bank has access to online banking, you most likely can set up a monthly automatic payment to support your child. They will allow you to set up the payee (Global Partners in Peace and Development), where to send the payment, the monthly payment amount, and the date that you want it to be paid. This will save you time and postage. 

Q: When do I begin sending in support for my child?  

A: You can begin sending in your support immediately.  

Q: Can I send in more than one month’s amount toward my sponsorship support? 

A: Your support may be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, whichever is most convenient for you.

Q: Will I receive a reminder when my child's support comes due?

A: No. However, if your support falls behind after a few months, we will contact you regarding continuing sponsorship.

Q: What if I can no longer be a sponsor? 

A: We understand circumstances may affect your sponsorship. If you are no longer able to send support for your child, please contact us. We ask you continue to pray for your child each day as we find a different sponsor for them.

 Q: What if my child moves or leaves the program?

A: One of the joys of becoming a sponsor is having the opportunity to watch your child develop and mature. It is possible that your child may withdraw from program for a number of reasons such as moving. The main reason a child leaves is because they have completed high school and will pursue further education on enter the workforce. If your child is no longer at the home, we will let you know as soon as possible by email, mail, or phone and give you the opportunity to sponsor another child in need of love and prayer.