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If your payment will not go through on our secure giving portal, you can send the funds to our Paypal profile Please mention "COVID-19 Response" and your country of choice (Jordan, Haiti, or India).



Your gift provides basic needs for a refugee family during the coronavirus lockdown.

The entire country of Jordan is under a "stay at home" order. There are rumors that this might last until mid-April to combat the spread of the virus. The government has done their utmost to care for their citizens and 750,000+ refugees.  Each family is able to send one adult on a daily grocery run, but many refugee families and others who do not have work can't afford to buy food from the markets. Your gift can help provide basic needs and hope to one of the many families that are in need.


Your gift helps the Rev Home navigate economic turbulence in Haiti. 

The country of Haiti is facing unrest since the first 8 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed. In an already fragile economic climate, the Rev Home staff can make sure basic needs are covered with the help of friends like you.



Your gift provides food for children during the coronavirus lockdown.

Schools across India are closed as part of the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown. All of our sponsored children, as well as those waiting for sponsors, have been coming to the community centers for 2 meals a day.