A future for children in Siddipet

Siddipet Children's Home & Training Center

One of the 15 Global Partners children's homes is located in Siddipet, Andrah Predesh, India and is home to about 25-30 young boys. All the boys have been living in a small church. Pastor Suresh and his wife spend a lot of time showing and sharing God's love with these boys. Now many of the boys want to show God's love to others as it has been shown to them. 

The boys are anticipating the completion of their future home in June 2014, the Siddipet Children's Home and Training Center. 

A Gpartners team participant describes there expereince: 

"One evening, we went to visit the place where the new Siddipet Children's Home is currently being built. Right now, the orphan boys are living in a church. When the home is completed the boys will live there and there will be room to house girls as well. There will also be space for widows to stay, space for training to take place, a dining hall, and a large gathering room. 

The orphans who live in this Children's Home met us at the construction site. They sang songs for us, introduced themselves to us, and taught us songs and dances. We played games with them as well, running and laughing together. I will never forget them and I know this Center will make a forever impact on them and India."

The bottom level will house approximately 60 children, their caretakers, widows, a dining hall, kitchen, restrooms, shower facilities and conference hall.  The upper level will allow us to have a skill training center to house and help older orphans who complete their schooling, as well as others in need to learn specific trades in order to provide income for their families. This Training Center will help thousands for years to come.

To learn more about the future Siddipet Home and Training Center or to make a donation please CLICK HERE.