Russell Woody's Story

"God's Love. It's For All People."

Russell began sponsoring a child in 2013. A few months later he had the opportunity to travel to India and meet his child. His life was forever changed! Here is Russell's Story.

"My trip to India took place in the Summer of 2013, but in all reality it began months before.  

Jesus says very clearly in scripture states that it is our (the church) responsibility to take care of the poor, needy and orphans of the world.  I wanted to try my best and follow Jesus in this teaching, not because I wanted to earn Gods love but because of God’s love compelled me.  

So I went to Jonathan Grooms, president of Global Partners and asked him if I could sponsor a child from India.  I picked the packet of Raju and fell in love.  I was very excited to hear that Raju is staying in the Gonagondla home when I decided to go to Haiti. This would be the home we would visit on the last day of the trip.  

I met Raju that last day and it was breathtaking.  I got to spend the whole day with Raju and learnt a lot about him and his lifestyle at the orphanage.  The amazing moment that stood out to me was that Raju called me his big brother.  

The care of the children in the homes, through the Caretakers that GPPD has placed, there is amazing.  They teach the kids the Word of God. The most important thing about GPPD is that they believe in the Great Commission and fulfilling that commission.  

Through this trip I learned of Gods great love for all people. The people of India blessed me beyond belief and taught me to Love God more and let my love for God not be based on material possessions.  I encourage you to sponsor a child, because through that sponsorship you get to help give that kid life."