Adam's Story

A Man In Desperate Need

Adam did not grow up with a father, an all too common story many people living in India share. Now as an adult, Adam must care for his wife, Lukamma and 3 year old daughter, Ankitha. Many weeks his family does not have work and so they do not have food. 

Adam’s family would be considered below the world’s poverty level by falling into the category of making $1.25 a day or less. They do not have land to grow crops. Adam is called a day-laborer, which means, if someone calls him to work, he will go.  When he is called for work, he will work morning until evening and will only earn 100rs per day ($1.75). 

Sometimes Adam only works one day a week and that is all they will have to survive off of. His wife, Lukamma does not have any work and so she stays at home with Ankitha. 
Adam will do any type of work that is available, just so his family can survive. He will fertilize the fields, sometimes he will plow the ground with oxen, he will even do construction work. Other times he goes into the forest to cut wood in order to earn income. During the rainy season he gets to work more because the crops are growing, but other times of year it is extremely difficult to survive.

Global Partners heard about the desperate needs of Adam and his family. To help meet their needs, generous donations were given through the Global Partners Gift Catalog. Adam’s family is very happy for the gifts of a male and female goat. They will help provide in many ways for his family. When the goats have offspring they will take care of the baby goat until it is old enough to sell for income. They can also use the milk from the goats to provide for their family as well.