Kervenson's Story

Abandoned, Yet Given Life!

In January of 2011 Kervenson was brought to a GPPD Partnering orphanage in Haiti, Christian Light. He was brought by his teenage mom, who could not provide the care he needed. Because of this, he was extremely malnourished. It was decided that he would stay with the intent of returning him to his family when he became healthy again. Sadly, his mother never returned.

When Kervenson was brought to Christian Light, it was believed that he was approximately 15-18 months old, but his weight was that of a 3-4 month old at 12 lbs. His mouth was full of teeth that had yet to be used! Kervenson could hardly lift his arms or legs and was stoic during interactions. 

During the first few months of his stay he was taken to a partner, Dorothy Pierce who runs Faith Hope Infant Rescue. Dorothy and her amazing crew of nannies were able to continue Kervenson down a path of healing. By the time he returned to Christian Light in November of 2011 he was beginning to walk, trying to talk, and laughing the cutest little laugh you could ever hear!

Kervenson recently started at Christian Light School in the Little Angels program and his teachers say he is doing very well! We are looking forward to seeing his continued physical and spiritual growth.