Last week, the city of Mumbai received over 11 inches of rain in a 24-hour period, causing severe flooding and damage to the area. Two of our children’s homes - Mud Island and Varsova, both received extensive damage due to the storms. 

  • Our Mud Island children’s home received the worst damage as the church they live in completely flooded and everything inside was destroyed.  All of the girls’ personal items, including their storage boxes, clothes, bedding and books were destroyed. The girls and their caretakers are temporarily staying at the homes of other believers until their place can be fixed.
  • The Varsova children's home, which is located 25 miles from Mumbai City in one of the poorest slum areas of the world, is located on the roof of another home. While their home was not flooded by the rains, the walls and roof of their home was destroyed by the heavy rains and wind. The children and caretakers are also living temporarily in several different homes until this can be repaired. The estimated cost of this is $1,800. 

Also last week, the water well at the Mudinepally children’s home was damaged because the inside of the well has become damaged causing it to be filled with mud, dirt and waste. Because of this, the well cannot produce clean water. This home is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh where our team just recently visited in May. A new well needs to be dug with an electric motor pump installed so that the orphans at this home will have access to water. The cost of this would be $3,340 to fix this urgent need. They are currently having to get their water from an outside source so that the children will have clean water each day.

Would you prayerfully consider how you could partner with us in meeting these urgent needs that face or orphans right now? Any amount that you could give would be a blessing to these beautiful children.

You can give online or send a check to Global Partners at PO Box 117; Blue Ridge, VA 24064. Please include a note with your check that your gift is for “Mumbai Flooding” or “Mudinepally Water Well”.  

Thank you for your continued love and prayers for the Indian orphans that we have the privilege of caring for.



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