Partner with us in India

Due to the vast array of needs in India, there are many opportunities for you to partner with us in bringing help and hope to these people. Through financial help, physical support, and other opportunities, we are able to affect the need of this community in a tangible and hands-on way.



According to UNICEF, India is home to an estimated 31 million orphan children. We know that at least 11 million (90% girls) are abandoned, 3 million live on the streets, and 12% of them are child laborers. 

Many of them are sold into bond slavery to pay a family debt. Up to two-thirds of these children suffer physical abuse and an estimated one-half of them suffer from sexual harassment or abuse. The facts are heart wrenching.

Since our inception, we have partnered with nationals in India and donors like you to provide for 8 Children’s Homes and Community Centers throughout Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In these homes and centers we have around 300 children that we care for on a daily basis through sponsors like you.

Visit the Child Sponsor page to learn more about how you can make an impact on a child’s life today.


In 2011, we completed our first water well project for a remote village in desperate need. For $2,250 we can build one water well that will transform the future for a village with approximately 3,000 people.

Visit our Clean Water Well map page to see exactly where each well is.

Learn More about how you can be a part of giving life to an entire village by providing something as simple as clean water! 



In India, widows in poverty are often abandoned by their relatives without any means of caring for themselves and their children. We are able to show them God’s love by providing them with gifts of food and clothing.


Each year, parts of India are devastated by floods, mudslides, cyclones, and fires. With your help, we are able to provide emergency relief items such as rice, blankets, fishing nets and more.  


One way we have helped to bring long-term results is by providing the funds for a start up business that will give a person the training and tools necessary to provide income for a family to purchase food, send their children to school and with other basic needs.

In the past our India micro-businesses have included sewing businesses, and now we work with nationals to provide animals that will help sustain families and create income.


You can purchase items made through the India sewing micro-businesses at the Nations Hope Donation Store.

Click Here to visit the Nations Hope Donation Store.


When you have helped one of the least of these have you helped me. – Jesus

Matthew 25:34-45