Joseph's Story

A Gift of Goats Helps Bring Hope

Providing food and income for one's own family is an uphill battle for most people living in the overwhelmingly impoverished and populated country of India. In 2010 about 68% of the population of India was living on less than $2 a day, according to the World Bank. Overcoming adversities such as little education, regulations, the caste system and generational poverty make it very difficult to change the factors of poverty and malnutrition ruling over an Indian family. 

Gpartners show God love as we help families to overcome these adversities!

Families and individuals here in the U.S. decide take action to help someone. You too can help a family in utter poverty.  

Both sheep and goats can be a productive means of support for a family that is suffering from malnutrition and poverty. The animals can be used to supply food, such as milk and butter for the family. The surplus of milk and offspring can be sold for income to help the family survive. 

Joseph's family reeived the gift of two goats that will provide food and income for there family of five. 

In the rainy season Joseph is able to find jobs to make enough money to feed his family. He will do whatever job he can find: pick rice, dig water irrigation for fields, or make patties of cow dung to sell. During other seasons it's impossible to find jobs and it's during those times is when his family doesn't eat.  

When Joseph was given two goats as a gift from someone here in the U.S., he was overwhelmed with thankfulness. He said, "These goats will give milk to my family, and when they have babies, we can sell them for money for food. I will tell everyone of God's great love. He has provided for my family."

Through the relationship built with this family, Joseph's wife, Suvarna had the opportunity to go through GPPD's training classes to start her own Sewing Micro-Business in 2013! From the skills she learned during her training, she can now help contribute to her families income all year round as well!  

If you would like to be a part of making a deifference visit Gpartners Gift Catalog, or see ideas to start your own Campaign or be a part of a Fund-raiser.  

Together we can bring lasting hope to those in desperate need around the world!