Leeanne met the children in our Haiti Rev Home two years ago before it was under our care. She was able to spend five weeks with them, and it was by far the best time of her life. Becuase of the time she invested with the children in the home, she now sponsors two of the children.
“I had enough time and was fortunate to build unique relationships with each of the kids, but had special connections with both Nikerlange and Vidlon. When GPPD took on the Rev Home I actually cried. I was so happy. I recently went back to visit and got to see both Vidlon and Nikerlange. The children are all so happy. Being in the home, nothing feels more like the love of God. I love it and I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to invest in their lives in a practical way now."
Leeanne often returns to India to spend time with the children she has grown to love very much. She has sacrificed many weeks to help bring hope to the people of Haiti and assist our Associates and Partners on the ground. The eternal impact she has made on their lives will last forever.




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