Hidden in Nepal’s mountainous beauty, lies a people deeply rooted in their history of communist monarchies, Hinduism and poverty.  The Nepalese are some of the most humble and kind people you will ever meet. The outward beauty of this country quietly hides many injustices that are taking place, human trafficking and child labor being two of the major ones. The trafficking route from Nepal to India is considered the busiest route in the world.
After the 2015 earthquakes, thousands of people have been left homeless or are living in makeshift shelters. They are working towards getting back to “normal”.  Their “normal” consists of 25% of the people living below the national poverty line, according to the World Bank. Half of the population is living each day to meet their most basic needs.

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Hope for the Homeless
After the 2015 earthquake, Nepal saw a drastic rise in the homeless population. We are able to show God’s love to Nepal’s “least of these” by partnering with a local homeless ministry, helping to meet their most basic needs as well as building friendships with those who are left to defend for themselves.
Disaster Relief
The increase of natural disasters has simply devastated the already impoverished people of Nepal. We have been providing temporary tin roof shelters in times of emergency, as well as food, blankets, and other much needed aid. 



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