The largest amount of funds in the history of GPPD to go projects around the world.  Nearly 1 million dollars was given to GPPD to bring help and hope to people in need. This was around $230,000 more than 2011.

8 Clean Water Wells built in India which help an estimated 30,000 people. These clean water wells have brought hope to thousands of Indians living in villages where they had little or no access to clean water. They have helped many children to remain healthy and have blessed mothers who have not had to walk so far each day to get water.

89 people adventure on 5 different GPartner Trips. Our teams were blessed to share and show God's love in Haiti and in India. We loved on orphans and widows, children with special needs, provided dental and medical care for the sick, did construction work, dedicated clean water wells, fed and clothed the poor, shared and showed God's love! 

Locally people have gotten involved. Saying yes to what every is on their heart to do. Through Proceeds for Poverty, Golf Tournament and St. Nick's Christmas Fair we raised nearly $55,000 to help people in poverty! Accross the world we are blessed to begin new relationships with friends that share our same heart and passion for their respective countries!

The Bulega and Nzigu Projects in Uganda are coming closer to completion. These two community centers will help these local and nearby villages by providing them medical care and health clinics, education and a place for people to gather and encourage each other with God's love. 

Food, Medical Care and Education provided to over 200 Slum Children in  Haiti. Each day in Haiti our GPPD Associate would go into the ravine to provide the  young  children and mothers a nutritional  meal  so that these children will grow  strong  and healthy. Children that would  have  been malnourished because of the  lack  of food and proper health education  for  their parents are now running,  playing  and getting an education

Warm Clothes and Food provided for Romani Children in Slovakia. The winter months in Slovakia are bitter cold. Most of the Romani children do not have proper clothes to wear nor food to eat. Many children are sick during these months because of the cold weather, improper clothing and lack of nutrition. The food and clothes help children to remain healthy so they did not miss school.

 20 women in India begin a small sewing business. Teams of ladies from the US headed to India to teach women in poverty and older orphan girls how to sew and basic small business skills.  The 60 advent calendars they made are now in the homes of families across America, as well as many of the nation dolls. These products raised nearly $10,000 for the Siddipet Training Center.

10 impoverished families giving goats to start a small business. The goats provided the families with milk to drink and sell, and also provided the offspring to grow their business. They can sell the goats to make enough to provide for their families in the non-harvest times. 

The Building Project for the Siddipet Training Center began. This dream will soon become a reality! The construction began in August and because of your generosity, all the funds have been raised for Phases 1 and 2 (Ground Floor). Only $75,000 more is need to complete this project!! This center will house 30 orphan boys, 30 orphan girls, widows, a training center for women to learn how to start small businesses, training center for workers, conference hall, prayer hall, kitchen, dining hall, library, playroom for orphans and printing press!

Refugees were provided with education in Jordan, refugees are not allowed to attend school so all of the education provided greatly helps them to have a brighter future, especially as their families are trying to relocate to the West.

The Jordan Refugee Community Center comes closer to purchasing. The building we have been renting for years will soon be ours. Please pray for further renovations on the building. 

Syrian Refugees receive vital help. We were able to provide refrigerators and heaters for people who fled to Jordan, leaving everything behind. We also were able to share with them about the true hope that can transform their lives. 

From nebulizers for needy orphan children in Haiti, to shoes for bare children's feet, to Bibles in the hands of a seeking refuges in Jordan. Only heaven will tell of the marvelous things He has done through and in obedient hearts this year. Thank you again for partnering with us in 2012 to impact the lives of people around the world. We can't wait to see all that God has in store for 2013!

But I will give repeated thanks to the Lordpraising Him to everyone.For He stands beside the needy, ready to save them from those who condemn them. 

Psalms 109:30-31