Refugee Flooding Story

Restoration After Flood

Three weeks after the Flooding in Jordan things are getting back to normal, but for many refugee families the waters have robbed them of what little they had to survive. They have worked hard in order to make money to provide for their basic essentials. The Floods washed most of what they had away. 

Our Gpartners Associates were able to show and share God's love to 450 families in the month of January. That is the most people helped in the history of their Community Center. Many families have been provided for. The Community Center's storage room has been emptied of most all its aid. Items like carpets are in need, and our Associates do not have these things to provide people. 

About 90% of the Community Center where our Associates live and meet has been restored. There is still no electricity in some of the rooms, and things like school materials, costumes, and puppets have all been destroyed. The basement, where two women lived, was completely under water, so they lost everything as well. 

Despite the Loss, Help & Hope have come to so many people.

Please continue to pray for our Associates and the Refugees of Jordan.