Quaniesha's Story

Providing Clean Water Access to Thousands

Quaneisha heard a GPPD representative speak about people who didn’t have clean water and it tugged at her heart. This is her story.

 “There are so many people who do not have the privilege of readily accessible clean water and I NEED to do something about it. Ever since a leader from Global Partners in Peace and Development came to a program I attended and spoke about this issue it has bothered me. The reality that there are people around the world without clean water is saddening and unacceptable.  

This organization works with local churches in Uganda to build a well and reach out to the community. These wells are typical very low maintenance and built to last at least one generation. I'm asking people to partner with me and consider contributing a monthly recurring gift of 5 or more dollars until this well is built. 

I know that one well will not fix a global problem but it will help a village ... a village is composed of people. People matter to Abba and they matter to me. 

One of the most hilarious and challenging interactions of Jesus with His disciples to me is when Jesus and the disciples feed the 5000. In CONTEXT (one of my favorite things to say and reference), Jesus is teaching the masses and, as it is getting into the evening hours, the disciples tell Jesus to send the people away so they can go buy themselves some food. Jesus responds, "They do not need to go away. You get them something to eat." Although, I am not saying that you and I are to take 5 loaves and 2 fish to Uganda to feed thousands ... at least for NOW ... I am saying that I believe that this well would allow the natives to have more time to focus on gleaning from Jesus via the Holy Spirit and their local fellowships if they did not have to walk for hours a day to get water every day."