A College Dorm Story

Refugee Families Receive Help and Hope

Preston Burling, a Junior RA (Resident Assistant) at Liberty University was compelled to challenge his dorm guys to take action somehow, someway in helping others beyond their own college campus. Preston is burdened for the hurting people of the world and their unawareness of the one who can heal them, Jesus.

Hearing about the growing hardships for Syrians, Preston wondered if there was a way he could help. He soon learned that GPPD has a presence in Jordan working to bring help and hope to Syrian refugees.

Since March of 2011, 2.5 million refugees have fled Syria. The Jordanian government estimates that 576,000 (and rising) refugees have entered their country. Our GPPD Associates Jody & Ruth Miller and Ruthann Czerenda provide help and hope for hundreds of Syrian and Iraqi refugees in one of the poorest districts of Amman, Jordan. Being a refugee in Jordan means they are not permitted to work and have no access to education. As a result, a growing number of them face extremely difficult living conditions.

Refugees depend on help and generosity of others to meet their most basic needs. There are numerous ways that our Associates help the refugees and they are able to do this because of giving people like Preston Burling. Preston loved the idea of giving a food box to a refugee family, and that they not only would be shown God’s love, but also hear about God’s great love for them. 

Preston knew that getting other people on board would create a bigger change than if just he were to help. So he shared his burden with his dorm guys, inviting them to join him in giving a gift of help and hope to a Syrian refugee family through GPPD. Over the next two days his friends and dorm guys brought him money, whatever they had. He encouraged them to give up something that day or week so a family in Syria could have the gift of food and God’s love.

Two days later he counted the money: change, ones, fives, tens, and twenties totaled over $150 dollars! By Preston just sharing about a need and a way to bring aid, he helped provide hope for five refugee families!

To learn ways you can bring help and hope to a world in need, visit GPPD’s Take Action page.