Carson & New Life Frocks Story

Sewing To Show God's Love

When Carson Kistner arrived home in April of 2012 from a two-week trip to India to help with the first GPPD Sewing Micro-Business training, her basement was overflowing with donated fabrics left from the preparations for the training. A group of talented women had labored for months before the actual trip, designing the five Nations Hope dolls that are available in the Nations Hope Store. They created the patterns and accessories to reflect the dress of each people group, and tutorials for the training.

As Carson gazed at the piles of beautiful fabrics many people had donated for the dolls, she knew she wanted to continue using them to further GPPD’s goal of caring for orphans and widows. She began by making a few items to fit the Nations Hope Dolls (made to fit the popular 18’’ American Girl doll as well). Soon women who had helped with the original project joined her, and New Life Frocks was born.

Each Tuesday evening from 6:30 until 10:00, a “workshop” is open for any interested sewing enthusiasts to come and work on projects. Some who come are young homeschool moms with boundless energy and hearts for God. Most of them cannot make a trip to India at this season in their lives, but they are determined to do something to help the impoverished. Sometimes, one will bring a daughter who is eager to contribute as well. They also have several older women who participate with equal zeal.

The project list has expanded to include other items that can be made with the donated fabric scraps: little girls' dresses to match the doll outfits, children’s toys, “anywhere chairs,” women’s scarves, and casserole carriers. They always use only donated materials.

Their first sales were at GPPD’s Proceeds for Poverty in June of 2012. They sell items online at the GPPD Nations Hope Store, Proceeds for Poverty, and GPPD’s Saint Nick’s Fair in December.

Jess Lankford, one woman who helped start the group, talked about the reasons the group continues to sew together. “We get to have fun sewing crafts, and it’s hanging out with your best friends, and knowing that you’re working on a craft that will go to help widows and orphans — there’s nothing like it.”

Sovereign Grace Church, where Jess attends, had a huge response to the opportunity to use their talent of sewing for the orphans of India. 

“People from churches in Roanoke and Salem are all coming together to help; it’s neat to see how God has brought different denominations and churches together to serve him; it really shows how the Body of Christ is supposed to be,” Jess said. 

100% of the proceeds from New Life Frocks goes to help the orphans and widows of India. To see the products they make, visit the Nations Hope Store.