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Hope for Her Children: A Refugee Mother's Story
Mother's spend 18 years being spent for their children, and then the remainder of their lives continue to be spent for their children but in a different kind of way. All of this spending of themselves comes from the love that grew in their hearts as their little ones grew within them. Countless hours of holding, loving, training, playing, crying, praying, laughing and more are spent on behalf of love. On this day, refugee mother's all around the world are living a life in between, clinging to their little ones, making sacrifices and praying for some bit of hope for a future for their children. Each mother around the world lives a very different kind of life than the next, but every bit of them that is poured out is for the same reason: Love.
Sheila is one of those mothers. She lives in Amman, Jordan with her daughter-in-law, three grandchildren, and her daughter-in-law’s brother. This woman holds an inner beauty that few refugees find in the midst of their desperate situations. Observing their environment, you may only see despair, but look into their eyes and you will see God’s grace. 
The terror began in Mosul in 2008. Terrorists killed 13 Christians around the same time. Sheila’s husband and son were among these victims. They were killed simply because they were Christians. Killed only one week a part, three very young children were left without a father and grandfather. The youngest was only two at the time of their deaths.
Desiring to escape the persecution, Sheila’s family moved to Qaraqosh, where they lived for five years until ISIS came. With their lives threatened again, they traveled to Northern Iraq and soon to Irbil, Iraq. In November of 2014 they flew from Irbil, Iraq to Amman, Jordan leaving only with the clothes on their backs. Though they had money in the bank, they could not take it with them. They had lost everything. 
Sheila says that they left everything because of Jesus. “We were told to pay money, convert or leave the country. We left the country because we only follow God. We were shocked because of our husbands being killed, but God helped us through all these things. We know that God has a plan for us even though we don’t know what His plan is.” 
In tears Sheila shared that her oldest granddaughter asked her mother, “Where is my dad?”. Her daughter responded, "He is next to Jesus". Her granddaughter asked again, "Will he come back?". Her mother said, “No, but we will go there to be with him”.
Their middle child loves to draw and is very talented. She wanted to share with us some of her pictures, but many were ruined because of the moisture in their home. Many refugees are living in an unhealthy environment, children and the elderly are especially at risk.
Both women shared that God is meeting their needs. Their rent is being paid, churches are helping them with food and coupons. They have been given a kerosene heater and received resettlement papers with Canada. They hope to go there one day. 
Please continue to pray for mother’s like Sheila and her daughter-in-law, as well as their children. They represent a very large population of our world in desperate need. If you would like to help refugee mother’s in her same shoes, CLICK HERE to learn ways you can help.