Edmon's Story

Lost, Now Found!

Jordan has become home to many refugees of its surrounding countries. Edmon, an Assyrian was found on the Iraqi border by a friend of our GPPD Associate, Jody Miller. Edmon, who has dementia, was confused as to what to do or where to go. Jody’s friend felt compassion for him and took care of him like he was his own father. He helped Edmon with the crossing and paid for his transportation and food all the way to Amman, Jordan. 

Edmon can speak Assyrian very well, but at times forgets how to speak English or Arabic. So when Edmond arrived in Amman, Jody connected him with other Assyrians who could help Edmon. They immediately began trying to trace his relatives in the United States and found his brother living in Florida. Because Edmon already had an American passport all he needed was a plane ticket. 

For two weeks Edmon stayed with Assyrian friends living in Amman while they visited the American embassy and made many phone calls to the United States. Monies from our Associates Assyrian fund was able to help pay for the extra food, phone calls and taxis. Because of partnerships in Jordan, Edmon was finally able to get a plane ticket and fly his way back to the United States to be with his family!