Syrian Refugee Family

Ghazal and Mohamad lived in Dir Balba, a village near Homs, Syria, when Mohamad was kidnapped and beaten by the Syrian military. He was able to escape after one week of captivity and the family felt for their safety in 2013. She was 13 years old and married to him (at 23 years old) when they escaped with only the clothes on their backs. After two days in buses and cars, they arrived in Zatari Refugee camp on the border of Jordan and Syria, where they stayed for two weeks. They came to live in the Hashmi area of the capital of Jordan, Ammon. In 2014 their son was born in Jordan. Mohamad was a day worker in Syria working at whatever job he could find; in Jordan, though illegal, he goes each day looking for a chance to work and earn a bit of money to help with rent.