Syrian Refugee Family

A widow since her husband died in 2008, Sahar and her three children fled Syria in 2014. She suffers from asthma, a condition she had in Syria, but it has worsened by the dry, dusty climate of Jordan. She has been  unable to get the medicine she needs. She has no income, as it is illegal for the family to work in Jordan. Occasionally they beg for money, but know they cannot repay the lender. The family sought refuge in Jordan after years of living in fear due to the ever-present sounds of the gunshots in their neighborhood. They first moved to Damascus, and then lived a short time in the Zatari camp, but with her asthma, they did not keep her in the camp. The children reached 8th or 9th grades, and did not work in Syria because of their lack of training and the ongoing war in their region. She praises God for giving them peace in Jordan, and prays that God will provide the money for her rent.